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Eat at Jumbo’s Goes Green!

Eat at Jumbo’s is committed to being a valuable member and advocate of the Somerville and Tufts University communities. We continually support community based programs and efforts through active participation in local events, fundraisers, sponsorships and much more. In an effort to further our positive impact on our community Eat at Jumbo’s is undertaking a major initiative to “green” the restaurant and reduce our impact on the natural environment. Read on to learn more about what Eat at Jumbo’s is doing to “go green”!

Environmental Sustainability- current actions and future goals

Eat at Jumbo’s is currently participating in the Sustainable Business Leader Program, a Boston based technical assistance and certification program, to green our business operations and practices and become certified as a Sustainable Business Leader!

Through our work with the SBLP we have developed a sustainability action plan and have begun to research and implement a variety of green and sustainable initiatives including:

  • Installing an organic roof top garden with the help of Green City Growers
  • Upgrading to energy efficient lighting
  • Composting all food waste
  • Installing low flow aerators in kitchen and bathroom for water conservation
  • Remodeling dining room with green/sustainable products
  • Investing in delivery bicycle and bike rack for outside of shop
  • Minimizing styrofoam use and utilizing compostable to-go ware
  • Starting a discount incentive program for diners who bring in their own to-go containers
  • Increasing local purchasing of veggies, meats, breads, dairy etc.
  • Introducing special, rotating, local, in-season menu items

Did you know prior to joining the program Eat at Jumbo’s was already:

  • One of the first Pizza shops on the east coast to provide reusable hybrid pizza boxes!
  • Recycling all plastics, glass and metals
  • Using biodegradable to-go bags
  • Using green cleaning products
  • Sourcing local, organic and humane foods whenever possible
  • Recycling and donating used fryer oil which is converted to home heating oil for the less fortunate

Do you have any additional ideas/suggestions on how Eat at Jumbo’s can become the greenest restaurant in Somerville? Send us your suggestions to eatatjumbos@gmail.com .